1st Edition2nd Edition/ Sequel to The Black Knight3rd Edition
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Carol White-Hill will be advertising for Kevin Kelvin Hill books. Due to the passing of the late Kevin Kelvin Hill. His legacy still lives on and so does his dream,
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Carol White-Hill
Medieval Times
Fashion and Makeup
1st Edition2nd Edition /Sequel to the 1st edition3rd Edition/ sequel to the 2nd edition4th Edition/ sequel to the 3rd edition
Kevin and Carol started in the year of 2009. They together have published 7 books in total. The name of Carol's books are Mommy and Her Makeup, Dreams Do Come True, Footsteps, and Forever Friends. Kevin's books are The Black Knight, The Red Baron, The Knight of Many Talents, and The Supreme Sorcerer Ollie ToothPick and his Two Henchmen versus the Magical Dragons.

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